Team-Building Events

Confidence and competence are mutually perpetuating. Team building events should produce both.

Numerous studies have shown one common theme about team-building events: that they don’t work if they’re not done right. What’s “done right”? It’s not doing the same old office-based, work-centered group activities that keep your people locked in the same mindset, environment, and hamster wheel paralysis.

Stronghold team-building activities have one goal: that your team experiences a sense of excitement, a feeling of accomplishment, and plenty of laughter, hi fives, and learning along the way.

So what makes us different? As a 100% veteran-owned and operated company, everyone on the Stronghold team has been through fires of military operations and we know that team-building events, when planned and conducted properly, don’t just impart leadership lessons but they foster bonding, mutual understanding, and intimate social engagement – the traits that translate into greater productivity, motivation and competence amongst your team.

Team Building

Stronghold’s team-building challenges work on a simple formula: Relationships build trust. Trust is necessary for workplace engagement. And workplace engagement is the hallmark to exceptional productivity for the entire organization.

Opportunities to engage and build connections between team members are the foundation to creating relationships, the core pillar to organizational success. Stronghold’s team-building challenges create those connections. They empower your team, enable them to work together in unique and unfamiliar circumstances, and create long-term cohesion on personal, professional and social levels.

Our team-building activities do not…

…center around your organization’s work responsibilities. Your team members don’t want that. Our challenges are a mix of original and progressive tasks with fun, energetic, team-oriented problems.

…come easy. You’re here because we bring a military toughness, trial, and camaraderie to our team-building.

…create short-term lessons that will be forgotten tomorrow. Our events are designed to help participants change their perspectives, mindsets, and confidence. For the long term.

…break the bank. They don’t have to. 

But they do…

…force teams to problem solve collaboratively.

…build resilience, adaptability and tenacity.

…foster a sense of excitement. 

…end with a feeling of satisfaction from meeting a unique challenge.

Extreme Building

There’s Team Building and then there’s Extreme Building.

If you’ve made your way to this page, it’s because you are looking for an extraordinary challenge for your team. Not just a challenge of working together, but something to push your team out of their comfort zone. Something above and beyond what they’ve ever experienced before. You’ve come to the right place.

Led by Stronghold’s own former Navy SEALs, Green Berets and combat veterans, Stronghold’s Extreme Building focuses on grit, improvisation skills, and remaining cool under pressure. Those are the things that set America’s special operations troops apart and its those qualities that we will instill in your team to elevate your game in the office, boardroom, competitive landscape or wherever your team needs to excel. 

Stronghold’s Extreme Building events can dial up the physical intensity for a team that wants to test its physical and mental stamina under pressure, or we can scale it back to focus more on the ability to engage in more cerebral challenges, but still with the pressure to make decisions in ambiguous circumstances and fully utilize the full resources of their team. We have the depth of experience to tailor the right program for the right level of challenge and intensity for your team.

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