We know that general speaking events can be handled by any qualified speaker, but you’re not here looking for just any speaker to drone on while your audience checks Facebook and plays Angry Birds. You want someone who is going to ignite your audience towards a better end state, someone who will capture the essence of the audience’s goals and energize them with experience, intellect and wit. Stronghold’s military leaders are just what you’re looking for. 

Stronghold’s exceptional military speakers bring the depth of knowledge that comes from leading troops in combat and companies through turmoil and change. Our speakers have strategized plans in the Pentagon and the boardroom, executed complex operations on the battlefield and on the sales floor, and united diverse teams to mission success both in and out of military service.

Stronghold’s speakers can speak in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes: keynote speaker, motivational/inspirational speaker, breakout speaker, breakdance competition MC, industry expert, and more.

Stronghold’s Rolodex of speakers includes some of the most dynamic and dominant leaders in niche industries and areas of expertise. In addition to leadership topics, Stronghold’s speakers have been invited to speak on such topics as:

  • Cultural sensitivities in the modern era
  • Keeping up with advancing technologies
  • Organizational culture challenges
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Influencing stakeholders outside your organization
  • Uniting geographically disparate teams
  • Incorporating humor into your corporate culture
  • Keeping up with the evolution of social media platforms

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