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One-size-fits-all approaches to leadership have never worked. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic business environment, they are less effective than they’ve ever been. The demands on modern organizations and management are more contradictory and challenging than ever. Leadership requires leaders to be both bold and vulnerable, certain but flexible, persuasive while not coercive. Stronghold’s team of former military leaders don’t just understand these paradoxes – we’ve thrived in them. Whether it was leading a team of international coalition troops on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan or balancing a complex brand of diplomacy in some far-off distant land, our team has led efforts to create teams that are agile, adaptable, and work from a shared consciousness.

Stronghold offers half-day, one-day and 2-day leadership seminars and workshops. Industry and academic best practices provide a good foundation for leadership, but it is Stronghold’s extensive military-based leadership experience fused with innovative industry and academic best practices that sets us apart.

Stronghold leadership development seminars and workshops are opportunities to introduce your team to select concepts of leadership. From creating the conditions of trust to helping team members across varying departments understand their interconnectivity and reliance on each other, Stronghold delivers seminars and workshops that speak to the heart of organizational challenges and help align people, processes, and power.

Stronghold offers thematic seminars on resiliency, change management, team-building, and the foundations of military leadership. Some of Stronghold’s most popular seminars include:

Calm Amidst The Storm, one of Stronghold’s flagship seminars, walks attendees through the process of developing true, enduring mental tenacity. Developed by former Navy SEAL and FBI Task Force Officer, Jonathan Cleck, who recognized that traditional resiliency training models focused on building finite skill sets, but failed to address the most crucial component to thriving under duress: dissecting the responses to fear and developing the mental and emotional conditioning for overcoming those physiological responses.

Calm Amidst The Storm draws on Jonathan’s doctoral research in stress inoculation conditioning and his military experience operating in extremely high stress incidents. Calm Amidst The Storm provides the tools to effectively control the body’s emotional response to fear and stress and thrive in these environments.

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