Look To A Veteran

On this Veterans Day, don’t thank a veteran, rather look to one for inspiration, comfort and hope.

If you’re frustrated by the current state of the world, look to a veteran. They’ve been adapting to chaos and persevering in the darkest of circumstances for centuries.

If you’re distrustful of the government yet still looking to them for guidance and direction, look to a veteran. The military bureaucracy fosters distrust but it is in the good military leaders that we found trust in the system.

If you’re upset about the demands placed on you by the government but still desire to do your part to help your community, look to a veteran. We know all about that…conflicts are created by politicians but solved by those who volunteered to hold the line for their fellow Americans.

If you’re scared of getting sick but also scared of untested vaccines, look to a veteran. We’ve been the poster children for being exposed to disease and being guinea pigs for vaccines since needles were invented.

If you’re tired of hearing the winners gloat and the losers complain, look to a veteran. They have won battles yet lost parts of their souls with dignity and humility.

If you’re worried about our Nation’s leaders, look to a veteran. We can put you at ease. We’ve somehow served and thrived under 45 presidents and countless politicians of varying skills, aptitude and agendas.

If you don’t know how to deal with people who act, think and vote differently than you do, look to a veteran. The greatest melting pot of cultures and ideas in the world is in the military where we embrace our diverse backgrounds and experiences AND come together under common goals to create a unified community.

If you’re unsure about home schooling or quarantining or a pay cut or all of the unknowns, look to a veteran…who will then promptly point you to their other half. No one holds down the fort and keeps things going amidst turmoil and a shoestring budget like a military spouse. No one.

For our veterans, remember that you represent symbols of strength, stability and discipline. America is looking for it, perhaps more now than ever.

– LCDR Jonathan Cleck, USN


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