Leadership Assessments

Stronghold’s Leadership Assessment tools don’t just reveal highs and lows in an organization, we look at the entire organization…the way the bottom looks at the top, the way the top views the bottom, and how the organization defines, values and promotes leadership as a whole.

Without an organizational leadership assessment, decision-makers are spit-balling on where they need to focus their leadership development efforts.

Why do we have such high turnover in IT...is it the CTO, is it a pay issue, or is there an underlying issue that’s not being addressed?

Why do our company climate surveys show such a low opinion of the mid-level managers?

How did our main competitor overtake our market share overnight, yet we promote innovation and forward-thinking throughout the company, right?

Stronghold knows that productivity, morale, turnover, and other seemingly “operational” problems are most times the result of gaps in leadership in an organization. These problems are symptomatic of trust, connectedness, and engagement issues. The Stronghold Leadership Assessment gives you a deep look into organizational leadership status – the successes and challenges – allowing decision-makers to more effectively decide how and where to allocate resources to leadership development. 

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