Elite Sports Leadership

Elite sports teams have a few things in common:

They are full of Type A personalities,

They have lots of strong and varying opinions about how to stay on top in their field,

Individuals are challenged to excel individually but also as part of a collective effort,

They are not immune to the effects of hardship, misfortune, or catastrophe,

And…they are led by exceptional leaders who know how to inspire, unite, and align the individuals to the team’s mission.

We know a little about this. Actually, we know a lot about this. We know about strong personalities. We know about competing priorities and egos and the incredible frustration of team failure. The Stronghold team dealt this exact thing in the Navy SEAL Teams for more than 35 combined years. Most importantly, we know how to develop leaders who can navigate the tricky waters of being leaders on a team full of seasoned veterans. How to unite, inspire and rally the team through loss and adversity. And how to create a shared consciousness where the team’s goals are placed ahead of even the most high-performing individual desires.

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