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Stronghold Leadership is the leadership development division of Greencastle Consulting, a management consulting firm based in the Philadelphia suburbs. Greencastle and Stronghold are both 100% veteran-owned and operated. Every member of our team – that’s every single one of us – has been through the rigors of military basic and advanced training. The members of the Stronghold team have deployed overseas where we had to align and unite multi-national teams to a common mission. Many of our team members have operated on the front lines in war zones where we solved complex problems in true, life-dependent situations.

Stronghold is led by former Navy SEALs Joe Crandall and Jonathan Cleck. Their experiences in the SEAL Teams provided the expertise in unconventional thinking and innovative problem-solving, the foundation for cutting edge leadership in today’s complex and shifting business environment.

Joe served as an officer at SEAL Team 5 until a bout with colon cancer at 30-years-old forced him into a medical retirement, Drawing on his special operations leadership expertise, Joe took his skills to the private sector and rose through the ranks at Greencastle Consulting before taking the helm in 2019. As an experienced consultant and now CEO, Joe understood that the people, processes and systems in any organization are only as effective as the people who lead the organization. Joe started Stronghold Leadership to fill the glaring need in the business world for specialized leadership consulting – the kind derived from leading high-performing troops in austere, volatile and uncertain environments.


After a varied career in small business start-ups, government program management, and 24 years in the SEAL Teams, Jonathan recognized that the SEAL Teams had given him a unique ability to harness the best in human performance capabilities. Like many special operations troops, he had endured trials beyond measure and had come out on the other side with a profound understanding of our own limitations..,and how much more we are capable of. Jonathan used this theory as the basis for his doctoral research in organizational leadership and later joined Joe   – like a pair of former Navy SEAL Wonder Twins – to  help bring Stronghold’s avantgarde brand of military-focused leadership consulting to clients who want to go beyond their own limitations and set a new standard in performance and success in their organization.


Joe, Jon, and the entire Stronghold team of military leaders are ready to help you translate their experience into your advantage. Stronghold’s team of seasoned military veteran leaders excelled in dynamic and fluid environments. We’ve taken our collective ability to sift through chaos and turned it into a system to help you focus on action. Stronghold’s team revels in the opportunities to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty helping you identify the heart of your problems and find and implement solutions. Using a proprietary system of assessments, leadership development tools, and team-building programs, we help your organization reset it’s definition of what’s possible..and then we help you get there.

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