Stronghold Leadership's purpose is to maximize the value of the veteran community through focused training on how to get stuff done.

Greencastle Consulting proudly supports Stronghold Leadership, an organization dedicated to maximizes the professional value of the veteran community. The program is completed on site at Greencastle’s National HQ in Malvern, PA.

This no-cost program enabled by the DoD SkillBridge program and genrous corporate support is designed to deliver a healthy mix of classroom instruction, leadership instruction, and hands-on, real world, project management.

The classroom instruction will be focused on project management, change management, and process improvement. Each Fellow will have the opportunity to earn the following certifications:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Change Management Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Professional Scrum Master Certification

During the course of instruction, Fellows will be assigned a real world, short duration project. Each project will be monitored and guided by an experienced member of the Greencastle team.

The first step is applying for a fellowship through Greencastle's DoD SkillBridge program. Our team will guide you through the steps and make sure this is the right choice for you.