Greencastle's DoD SkillBridge Program is now Stronghold Leadership

The Stronghold Leadership program is Greencastle’s specific DoD SkillBridge program. The program is offered at no cost to transitioning military members.

DoD SkillBridge fellows will be assigned to a cohort and begin a structured 3-month course of instruction with the ultimate goal of the individual earning their GSD certification. Blocks of instruction will include project management, change management, process improvement and leadership. Each fellow will be assigned a real project under the supervision of an experienced implementation expert.

Our first cohort is being planned for Q2 2021 while the second cohort in Q4. Additionaly, the cohorts are onsite in the Philadelphia region.As the program expands, we are looking to add virtual or remote in-person options.

Please reach out to our team to learn more.

The ultimate goal is to earn GSD certification and a spot on the Greencastle Team.

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