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Why Stronghold?

In medieval times, the Stronghold was a central location within a castle that was used as a main hub for social gathering, a center of commerce, and a safe place where residents would be sheltered from threats. Much like what effective leaders are to their organizations, the Stronghold was both the heart of the castle and an internal symbol of strength. And like the castle’s Stronghold, that’s what we help to develop through our leadership development programs: a central figure that the organization’s team trusts to lead them, a place where ideas are welcome, and an internal symbol of strength from which team members draw inspiration and encouragement.

There are lots of military-focused leadership development programs…so why Stronghold? Unlike other firms which may have notable military achievers, Stronghold’s depth of experience crosses both lanes - our leadership development team has served on the forefront of the military’s most demanding leadership positions and they have started businesses, led start-ups, helped existing companies to turn around their operations, and worked with business leaders across a wide variety of industries to help them realize substantial growth and improvement. Stronghold capitalizes on the full breadth of its institutional knowledge forged from military experience and parlays that into tangible, measurable, and effective leadership development for you.

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